Neurodiversity affirmative autism assessments
for adults

Learn about your strengths and how to adapt your environment to thrive

Learn About
Your Talents And Needs

Every person has a unique makeup.  I will help you to make the most of your strengths and handle challenges so that they do not get in the way of what matters.

The Answer
To Help You Grow

Understanding that there is nothing wrong with you and that you can live a fulfilling life is key to experiencing new freedom and growth. 

A Step To A
Brighter Future

Knowing how your brain works and what makes your life easier will help you take the steps to the life you want.

A process to free you from struggling in life.

Feeling different in the world can make us feel like there is something wrong with you, that you don’t fit and that you are alone. You feel or you are being made feel misunderstood. You have passions and interests but fail to pursue them or wonder whether you have what it takes.


Imagine understanding who you are, what you need and what you are capable of.


I’ve met many people who didn’t fit in their community, who then realised that autism explained who they are. Knowing that there are people like you helps to feel like you belong.  It makes it easier to learn how to overcome the obstacles of a neurotypical world to be the person you want to be.

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Every Step

Create A Struggle-free Environment

NICE guidelines compliant autism assessments

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This record sheet contains commonly asked questions during an autism assessment. It’ll help you to have an idea of the kind of questions you may be asked and prepare for your assessment in advance, in your own time and your own pace. 

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